Love ourselves: 3 tips for recharging

Based on the opinions of chefs, nutrition consultants, wellness experts and doctors, we’ve gathered the most helpful health tips for getting through the winter months. 

There are two types of people in the world: those who love winter and those who think these people just can’t take this seriously. From cracked lips to seasonal depression, vitamin D deficiency to unwanted weight gain, the cold season is so troubling that one wonders why not leave the hell out of it and move to Hawaii. Of course, if we can’t do that, even with a little proactive planning, if not all, but most of the shadows of the winter can be removed.

1. Let the seasonal fresh ingredients fill you with energy 



"Citrus, citrus, citrus." Says Sara Jenkins, a Manhattan star chef representing Mediterranean cuisine who eventually opened her restaurant, Nina June in Rockport, Maine. "In the absence of fresh lettuce or juicy tomatoes, I like to peel raw root vegetables such as turnips, carrots, beets, radishes and celery roots, and fry or cook them invigorated with citrus fruits and fresh herbs from the supermarket."

Winter is also the time for pickles, it is worth going to the nearest market and buying homemade sauerkraut, cucumber, melon, pickled radish and peppers alternately from week to week. In winter, vitamin supplementation is also essential, it is worth taking iron, vitamin D, vitamin C in the form of food supplements, although sauerkraut is also plentiful in the latter. A favorite of Mediterranean cuisine, tomato with a good effect on blood and circulation is worth replacing with Cardio Fortis.

2. Set up your hair and skin care routine


Perhaps the most underestimated disease of winter is its effect on hair and skin: torn cuticle, broken ends of hair, cracked lips, and scaly skin from harsh winds, icy cold, and dry indoor heating. Sarah Britton, a holistic nutrition expert, became a believer in the dry massage brush during her long plot in Toronto and Copenhagen. “Massaging the body with a brush improves circulation throughout the body and even gets rid of cellulite. It removes dead skin cells adhering to our skin so that our pores can open and detoxify more effectively. Do this for about five minutes before showering, starting in a circular motion from the foot to the heart. It is addictive.”

You can fight dry, itchy skin even while sleeping. Our skin is our number one protective layer, so the healthiest way to care for it is to choose natural cosmetics. It is worth choosing from the local natural cosmetics offer. After an evening wash, a rich night cream, lip balm  and body butter are the most effective triples for dry, peeled skin, and in the hair care routine, it is worth supplementing the shampoo-conditioner pair with some hair oil (argan oil, cubeba oil, oil serum blends) to keep hair ends healthy.

3. Try detoxification


We are not saying that you should drink nothing but spicy lemonade for ten days. Seriously, especially in the winter, we’re not a big fan of juice-based cleansing cures, but we’re there for responsible, nourishing cleansing routines. “I really like to fast with khichari,” Britton explains. “It’s an Ayurvedic, wonderful one-course dish made from mung beans and brown rice, usually carrots, potatoes and peas, and a lot of spices. It is highly digestible, rich in nutrients, has a full amino acid profile, and it really helps to reset the system. People usually eat this for three days for breakfast, lunch and dinner. ”

Tea mixtures made from dried herbs are also excellent for detoxification and health preservation. The recommended daily fluid intake is a minimum of one and a half liters, it can be water, mineral water, freshly squeezed juice or vegetable juice, tea.

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